If you find yourself wanting to go for the alice in wonderland birthday party for the birthday of your child. Then you have to prepare yourself to meet the frazzled white rabbits together with the neurotic Mad Hatter. Then the red queen should send his subjects to inform people that there is a birthday party that people should know it. For the decoration, you should have fancy table cloths, doilies and miss matched tea sets. Get large sets of the cards. Get the Alice in Wonderland music and movie. Add plastic jewelry like crowns, rings and necklaces. Other items to get are inflatable trees and flowers. The costume of Mad Hatter, Red Queens and Alice together with the stuffed animals of lizards, lobsters, dormouse and white rabbit found in the story.

There are many ways that you can decorate for your alice in wonderland birthday party, and some of these ideas are to create the archways using the balloons so that you can make the gateway to the wonderland tea party. Get the favors for your guests like copies of the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, playing cards, white gloves or beaded necklaces.
The following are some examples of some games of alice in wonderland birthday party. Flamingo croquet: the queen likes to play the croquet; however her mallet is not any just mallet but a flamingo. Get a standing up flamingo and bend wire legs together in order for the kids to be able to pass the ball within. Ensure that the ball you are using is not hard since the flamingo is made using plastic. Mad Hatter Hat Loss: Mad Hatter is known to be good when it comes to tossing the hats. You can play this game to see who has better aim. Sugar Cubes with tea cups: Mad Hatter is known to throw things around. To play this game, you should get toy tea set with the sugar cubes and let the guests try to throw the sugar cubes in the cups.