If you are planning for the race car birthday party, you need first to get the decoration, napkins, cups and plates that you will need. You may also think about renting or borrowing some items for the party. Things to borrow can be remote control cars, the cars that are related to the movies like The love Bug, Herbie and animated series or Disney cars. Get a racing video game like Mario Kart, Gran Turismo, Burn Out and Need for Speed. You can also get a race tracks and matchbox cars.

Having creative invitations is going to build the excitement and it may lead to higher attendance of the race car birthday party of your child. For the decoration and food ideas, you should try to attach two checkered racing flags to the mailbox and you can criss-cross at the front door. You should make a big sign in the white paper and say welcome race fans so that you can hang it on the entrance. The centerpiece can be toy racetracks and matchbox cars. You may use a chalk so that you can draw at the sidewalk and on the driveway. As the children come in, you can use a tag and give them like their personal licenses. These licenses can be taken home like the party favors.
When it comes to any race car birthday party, Balloons are always considered to be a hit with the children. Tie the balloons on the toy cars or on the balloon weights and put them around the area of the party. For the foods, you can plan for the hotdogs and pizza. However, if you have enough time, you can plan to have a racecar themed treat. Serve the food in the way that the children should stand up and order as if they are at the track. Make the stop lights by the use of the round objects like the biscuit cutter or cookie. Cut the watermelon to look as if it is a car and put different fruits in it.

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