Fishing themed party revolves around aquatic life and is a very unique idea. There are so many creative things that can be done to organize a fishing themed party. From invitations to food, there can be so many options to organize the party. One can include everything related to aquatic life can be included in the party. From fishes to whales to dolphins, anything can be part of the party. Smallest part i.e. sea stones/shells can also be used as a decoration item in the party.

First and foremost part of party planning is venue. The venue for fishing themed party must include a water body: a beach, a pond or a swimming pool. It is not a must have feature of the party but it’s nice to have feature. The venue can be given the look of a sea with stones, shells, different fish pictures on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. One can also decorate some part of the venue with a dummy whale. The guests can be asked to wear mermaid costume to the party. The invitations may include fish pictures or a background of aquatic life. The other ideas for invitations may include giving invitation card a fish shape among others

Next step is to finalize the menu for party. The menu may include cakes, cookies, sea food etc… The cake can be in fish shape or it can also depict the entire aquatic life. There are different types of candies available in dolphin shapes which can also be included in party. One can also make fish shaped cupcakes. The party can be concluded with giveaway gifts with aquatic life soft toys to kids and some good decorative goodies to elders. These gifts can be packed in small packets with beautiful fish pictures painted on top.

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