Regardless if they are movie characters or if they are just toys, a child loves robots and robot birthday party is capable of fascinating the children regardless of their age. As a parent, you can choose robot party or transformers party and there are always some suggestions of the robot games, food ideas and robot decoration that you may try out. Besides the basic needs for the robot party supplies like decoration, napkins, cups and plates, you should think about renting or even borrowing some extra items for the robot party. You can get wind-up robots, the transformers activators action figures, robot piƱata, small or large cardboard boxes with the tin foil in order to make the robot costumes.

The robot birthday party should start with the invitation. You can ask your child to draw a robot and you can add the words on it scan it and print it out for the invitation. You can also make the standard invitation and you may deliver them through the use of small robot that you make at home. They can be made from the crackers boxes, chip canisters and tin cans. You should get rid of the labels of these cans before you can wash them. Use aluminum foil in order to cover these containers and glue sky foam can be used to add the head of the robot.
To decorate for your robot birthday party, you should make the centerpiece in the robots by using the strings and the empty cans. You are going to need a large empty tin can. For the food, you can use a shiny aluminum foil pans to serve the food. Use nuts and bolts snack mixes like cereal, cheese crackers and pretzel. For the cake, make a robot birthday cake. When it comes to give favors to the people who attended your party, you can give robot activity pads, robot bubbles, robot notepads and pencils, robot stickers, and robot lollipop among others.