The expectant mother will sure appreciate the monkey theme baby shower. It is designed to be pleasant and funny at the same time. The baby shower can be given to the mother irrespective of the gender of the baby being expected. You must choose the color pallet very carefully anyway, as the color plays very important role in how presentable or otherwise the shower is. The shower should be designed to perfectly befit an energetic and vibrant baby. The best color combination should be bright and bold, depicting vibrancy and full life. The theme can be used on the gift item presented to the mother as well as on the invitations to the christening. It can equally be used in decorating the home.

You can equally decide to make the baby shower look rather classic by using pastel and subdued colors in designing it. A color like Curious George will be perfect choice for this purpose. You can add monkey balloons to the theme to make it more interesting. The theme can be added to a number of items like card holders, napkins and plates for better effect. Your main focus while designing the baby shower should be on the mother and you will never get it wrong this way.

While designing the monkey themed baby shower, you can incorporate food items into the designs like banana, cupcake and bread. Make sure however that these food items are designed to look exactly like monkey. The theme can also find a place on the menu. The monkey cards or decoration can be used to mark the foods available on the menu. Will some games be thrown in at the baby shower? You can add jar decorated with many monkeys and ask guest at the baby shower to write down their parenting advices on a piece of paper and drop same in the jar for the new parents’ consideration.

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