When you want a theme which is slam dunk, then it should be basketball baby shower theme. The sports baby shower theme is not a brainer if the guys have been invited to the shower. To make sure that you are able to achieve irresistible and fun time, you should always consider going for the sports theme. The guests may pretend that they are all the stars and they may be signing for the autograph. You can take the pictures when they sign the ball that will be given to your baby. This may be like putting a cute picture collage and it will show that all stars that came together to support a new rookie. In case you have a larger ball, you can ask them to write the advice on it.
For the games of the basketball baby shower, you should prepare for the water baseball, stroller obstacle course, musical bottle race, bottle bowling and feed a baby. The decoration for the theme is easy since you need balls, jerseys, caps and t-shirts. You can add a twist when you make the oranges to look as if they are basketball. You may use the marker in order to draw the lines of the ball at it.

For the foods at basketball baby shower, you have to think about the type of the food that you may need to eat on a sporting event. You can stock up snow cones, corn dogs, nachos, pop, chips, fries, hamburgers and hot dogs. It can be fun to have chewing gum with the bubble gum tape for the people who are used to chew when they play. For the prizes for the people who win the games, they can be Gatorade, water bottles, whistles, popcorn with other types of the sports or other products you are able to get. By small basketball balls and give them as thank you item for the people who attended. You can write the message you want to let them know that you are grateful.

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