Having a little girl tea party is fun and it can be the best way that you can introduce your child to the custom of taking tea. It is important as a parent to have the idea on how to hold a fun, easy and memorable tea party. Start by researching the theme that you know everyone is going to like. The party can be Victorian, fairy or princess tea party. Choose the appropriate time and date. The best time to hold a tea party for your little girl is during the weekend since it is easier for the children and parents. You may consider having a tea party in the morning or afternoon according to the age of the children whom you want them to attend.

Have the budget by preparing the guest list. You should decide about the number of the people who you wish to invite at the party and you need to be sure that you will be able to deliver the invitation to these people. Make the invitation and send them. For the little girl tea party, the invitation should be colorful, better and cuter. The invitation may match with the tea party theme. The invitation can feature a teapot, tea bag or a picture of a famous person who is known to like the tea. To ensure the best turnaround, send the invitation before two weeks.

The type of the tea to use for your tea party is going to depend on the age of the children who are going to be in attendance. If the little girl tea party is for the children who are too young, you should go for the caffeine free tea or tisanes. If you have older children, you should go for weak pot of the tea. You can consider the following types of the tea such as green tea, flavored black tea, good and plain quality tea, flower or fruit tea, herbal tea, vanilla, plain or rooibos flavored tea.

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