If you are thinking for a Hollywood theme party, you have to know that it is the party where you are not going to spare any effort to be able to offer a glamorous experience for the guests. The aim is to bring the atmosphere of Hollywood event into your own party. Ask your friends to dress up and to play along while having genuine fun at the same time. This is going to be the best party for the people who like movies. While sending out the invitation, you need to be glamorous. You should make the invitation on your own and use too much glitter since it will add to the glamour of

Hollywood. In case you wish to have the sleepover for close friends, you should add a VIP invitation together with the one you are sending.
For the party, you need to have a red carpet at the entrance and ask everyone to dress up like the movie star. In case you fail to get the red carpet, you can use the fabric. You can get a red fabric and cut it into the length you want. Put the red carpet in front of your door. Plan for an award room which will serve like a central party place; it is the place where the people will get their awards, plan to have the party games and to eat foods. Use gold balloons, fancy streamers, and elegant centerpieces with the chic table clothes to ensure that the event is glamorous.
For the Hollywood theme party, you need to aim on the food that you plan to have. You can aim at having cute and chic food and it should be plenty of it. In case you plan for a sleepover, you should also get tasty breakfast. For the cake, make sure that you took the Hollywood theme. You can make a cake with a small Hollywood sign or a print cake topping with the favorite actor.