The winnie the pooh baby shower is among the most popular options theme that people choose when it comes to baby showers. This is because everyone likes the Pooh with her adorable friends. If you had never planned a baby shower or if you want to get idea to plan a better baby shower, then you should learn about how to plan for a baby shower since there are many useful information that you should learn about. The best idea when it comes to sending the invitation, is using the photograph of the pregnant women with a Pooh T-shirt or holding the pooh stuffed animals. If you want that everything will be easy, you can write the invitation on your own where you will try to flip the words as a little child. While writing the invitation, keep in mind to add the location, time and date. You can add a pooh sticker at the back of the envelope.

For the color combination for the winnie the pooh baby shower, you should combine the colors of the suite of the Pooh. The classic colors of Pooh are pastel colors such as soft green, pale pink, pale blue, lavender and pale yellow. To add vibrant colors to the Pooh, you can go for oranges, yellows, pinks, blues, purples and greens. If you want to print out the invitation, use milky vellumk paper since it will make the invitation to be somehow elegant.

For decoration, you have to start by choosing the color scheme. Get the tablecloths that will match the color of the chosen colors. For the centerpiece, you may use the honey pot. You may also create the beehive and make it the centerpiece. For an outside winnie the pooh baby shower, you can try the idea of rabbits garden. You can ask the children to come to the party with Pooh costume. For the cake, you will find many ideas on how to make the cake with the pooh theme.

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