Harry Potter birthday party requires a setup of a magical world. It is everything that resembles a complete set up Hogwarts and its natives. One needs to bring the witch’s hat, wands and other stuff that talk about Harry Potter. You can ask guests to enter the same way as they entered the platform 9 ¾. The dress must be same as Hogwarts with black cloak. The visitors can dress up like different characters from the movie.

To make it look like more of party, the different sections of the party can be decorated and arranged as per different parts from the movie like Prisoner of Azkaban. You can send out invitations that look like letters of acceptance of Hogwarts. You can get different Harry Potter props and give them as return gift to the guest. You can hang “Happy Birthday” banner using the same font as Harry Potter. You can also make DIY wands using chopsticks and handover to the guests as they enter using the game “Wand picks the wizard”. Close the eyes of the guests and let them pick a wand.

For food items, you can make different types of pancakes like with top of wizard Hat or Hogwarts Express toppers. You can have cold coffee mugs and paste the name of the characters. Then these can be handed out to those who are dressed as those individuals in the Harry Potter Birthday Party. On the corner of “Prisoner of Azkaban”, you can ask guests to give their best expression of Sirius Black and click pictures of the same. On the other corner you can make a little expression of “The Goblet of Fire”. You can arrange a small Treasure Hunt and name it as Chamber of secrets. The winners can get gifts from Harry Potter. You can also hang brooms around and let guests click pictures on the way as they are flying it. So in this way Harry Potter birthday party cab be a source of lots of fun.