Elvis is known for the jailhouse Rock and the Las Vegas years and the elvis themed party should reflect the 1950s to 1970s. There are many ideas available that will help you in celebrating the legacy of this king of music. In addition of his music, there are also the movies which you may base yourself on. There is no limitation of the number of the Elvis that you can have at your party. You can add different stages on which Elvis Performed and you do not have to forget about his glorious wig in black.

For the custom of elvis themed party, you will need to get Elvis wigs and costumes or Priscilla wigs with dog costume. For the music, you can try a person who can be the impersonator of Elvis. You should get the music of Elvis that you know that people like. You need to get Elvis movies from a DVD and play them in a background. The games can be for example Elvis Trivia. You should prepare the prizes to give for the best Elvis costume or his impersonation. Before it was easy to get Elvis party ware but they have been discontinued. But you can put the decoration together for yourself.

For the day of the elvis themed party, you should talk to a DJ if you are hiring one to make sure that he will be available on the day of the party. This is the same if you want to rent a venue for the party. Some of the popular spot can be booked some months before. Get the music of Elvis and let it play during the party. For decorating the party, go back to the parties of fifties and learn what you can have for your party. Elvis was found in many generations so you should choose if you are going to go for 50s and 60 but everything should be flashy and glam.

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