Superheroes are everywhere these days: movies, party, events etc… Super heroes Themed Party are a lot of fun. One can choose any superhero and host the party on that theme or it can be party with just Superhero theme. Before organizing the party, it is very important to know your superheroes inside and out, what’s there background story, their colors, their spic victories etc… Not only this, but a little personalization can bring wonders to the party. The planning of the party is the key for Superheroes themed party.

First step is to choose whether it will be general Superhero Themed party or a dedicated Superhero themed party. If it is a general themed party then one can choose various typed of invitations such as different colors for different invites, can give options t guests to dress up like any superhero. For decoration also, one can buy different comic books from the store and place it for decoration or buy some superhero related decoration items and use it for hanging in the party hall. To add to these, the cups and plates can also be made up of superheroes characters & colors. For return gifts, one can buy different superhero goodies and give them away.

Next step is to inherit party is food. The food should also reflect the essence of the party. One can make different colored drinks for representing different superheroes. The other food items may also include baking cake with superhero pictures on it, a superhero specific cookie like black licorice bats, Pop Rock candy kryptonite or rock candy which is for Superman, silly string for Spiderman and neon green marshmallows which are for the Hulk all incredible candy-inspired things that add more value to the party. Along with goodies, one can also distribute comic books as gifts at the end of the party.

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