If you want to plan or you are invited to a French dinner party, you need to keep in mind that culture and social life is a part of French people and they have a set of the rules that their dinner follows. You can throw the party to celebrate a new home of your friends or just to invite the friends over. For the party, keep in mind that being late for at least 15 min is the norm and not rude. This is because it is expected that the host may not have enough time to prepare everything so being late, gives him more time to do final touches.

When you attend the French dinner party, remember to bring the gift but it should not be something personal. You should not buy something for the house since you may not be able to know what the owner of the house likes. When you do not know what to give, go for wine. Whenever you ask the assistant that the wine is a gift and the food that may be served at the dinner, then he will prepare it for you. If you have some dietary requirements, you should let the host know about them before time. For French people eating together is a form of bonding and if you refuse to eat, they will think that you are not interested in the people.
When you attend the dinner party, you should not overdress. This is because the French people do not have an office or party style, since everything is the same. However, the colors, cut and fabric are important. In case you are a woman, you should consider looking for classic French brands. Before attending the party, get the idea of the current affairs of the country. Conversation is a part of the dinner and they evolve mostly about news. Take some minutes to read the newspaper before you go to the party so that you can be up to date.