When it comes to the gatsby party ideas, you need to know that the aim of the party is having the party as Jay Gatsby would have thrown it with champagne decadent foods, lively music and everything needed in the party. Jay Gatsby is from The Great Gatsby novel and his movie is expected to be available on the screen soon. You can still use the party theme regardless if you are planning a formal dinner party with casual outdoor bash. The party should start with the invitations that are Art D├ęco inspired and they have plenty of the artisans that you can choose from. If it is the design that you want if it is bridal or wedding shower, you should contact the seller to design for you the cards.

Encourage your guests to mingle from the way that you will create the seating plan. You can use different tables for your gatsby party ideas or just one. You can use the table cards in the same style as 1920s and it will add the right touch to the party.

For the party, choose laces, chiffons and silk. The idea is that the fabric should drape in the effortless way around the body. The outfit should stand out because of the gorgeous detailing with the soft details, sequined accents and cascading ruffles. For the accessories, consider the gloves and any other thing with beads. Look for the shell motifs and fans. You should not forget to have the headpiece. Large glittering head piece is the must to pull put out the look of 1920s. You can find it at the market. For the footwear, you should go back to the jazz age since there is nothing that will be higher or wacky. You should go for the modest heel that it 3 inches. For the men, the gatsby party ideas they should get the suits that make them to look dapper as Gatsby himself. Other accessories are mint julep, champagne flute, game station among others.

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