Make your kids feel like kings, princes and knights by organizing royal themed party for them. When next the kid is celebrating his birthday, you can try this idea out and you can be certain the kid will appreciate it. Make him dress like a member of a royal family with all the paraphernalia of office held firmly by him and all around him. Make sure all the decorations bear royalty on them including the birthday cake. You will make his day no doubt and the birthday is sure to be the talk of the town for weeks to come. The invitation should also be designed using royal theme. You can as well pre-inform the invited guests to put on dresses in line with the theme.

The best colors for the royal themed party are gold and royal blue. The combination is out of this world. It should be used in designing the room and the cutleries should also be golden. The theme is simply charming in its richness. The sweet thing about this theme is that it can also be adopted for baby shower. Some of the items you need to buy for the party are cute old chalice for drinking by your royal son, cute looking gold crown and blue cupcake wrappers as well as fun crown napkin rings. You also need to get the hall or room decorated using elegant looking blue and gold color combinations. It will be perfect to get blue chairs or get the chairs covered in blue tapestries.
The royal themed party items are very easy to come by today. Just visit any of the supply stores out there to get yours. You can as well buy online. Those online outlets can help deliver the supplies right at your doorstep. If you do not know how to decorate the room in preparation for the party, you can easily get any interior decorator to help out.

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