When it comes to organizing a party based upon a country’s culture, one need to gather some basic information about the place like flag, national bird, national animal, important dates etc… Australia is a place of beaches, kangaroos, good food and cricket. The Australian themed party can be organized by mixing all these features. The party can include all the features and different parts of the party can be represented using any of these feature.

Firstly decide on the invitations. The invitations must be lively. The invitations for Australian themed party can be printed in the same colors as that of the Australian flag. For decoration, one can hang Australian flag on the ceiling and can hang kangaroos here and there. One also hangs balloons of red and blue color to represent Australian flag. Small fluffy balls of white, red and blue color can be hanged along with balloons to give it more Australian look. Just like these, there are various other options available in the market like hanging yellow swirls and mini fans for an Australian themed party.

Then comes food: Food must include the special dishes from Australia such as meat pies, Pavlov among others. The cutlery that is being used can be of yellow color or that of the flag colors. The glasses can have the flag made on outer side of the glasses. The napkins used in the party can have Australian flag made on it. One can also include cakes and cookies in the party. The cake top can have an Australian map made on it and cookies can be in different shapes like kangaroo, kangaroo and its kind. The cupcakes also can be included with the Australian flag on top of the cup cake. To conclude an Australian themed party, make small boxes with the Australian flag and put some goodies in it like candies, small souvenir kangaroo shaped key chains or fridge magnets.

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