Choosing the sesame street baby shower is going to be the greatest thing that you may have done since most of the kids like Sesame Street and they love the Elmo more. Sesame Street is a great way that the kids can learn. For this theme, you need to decorate the room using bright primary colors like the colors of its characters. You should go for bright balloons or you can make the face on such balloons so that they may look like the favorite character. You may throw in the Mylar or balloon with the sesame street character so that it can be fun. You need to use the Sesame street character when it comes to decorating your room. If you do not have them, you should get them from your family and friends. The sesame street is the favorite of many people.

You can decorate the room using the fun says of sesame street and you may even change them so that they can go around as the shower areas change. To maximize the idea of sesame street baby shower, you need to make the diaper cake and to decorate it using the sesame street toys with their clothing. You may use a group of the sesame street stuffed animals with the tie a balloon to everyone. The shower should include the game like count candies, where the guests have to count the candies and the one who become close to the number of the candies; he will be called the countess of such party.

To make the invitation, for sesame street baby shower you should use the sesame street clip. You can fill cards using the fun saying and the character saying of the show. The right food to have for this occasion includes Cookie Monster’s Chocolate Chip, Dirt Cake and chicken salad sandwiches. You may cut them using the fish shaped cookie cutter. There are many supplies for the Sesame Street and many birthday items may not have the Happy Birthday on them so they may be used for a shower.

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